Boats in the Water

Brent Beckman

Brent is a Prana Seeker and plant lover from Minnesota. 

Brent has always believed in 'Energy' but didn't always know what that was, He has always been seeking Prana. His journey has taken him to more them 30 countries and approach many interesting modalities of alternative healing, Food as a medicine, Botanicals, Fungi and Psychodellics . Initially, Brent was inspired  by wife and partner Floribeth to expand his understanding of botanicals. This lead him to his on-going love affair with cannabis and hemp products, which has inspired his many business ventures. 

As an active plant medicine advocate in Colorado, Brent has been involved in the cannabis industry since 2010. Not only has he created a his own unique brands, has opened his small manufacturing facility in north Denver as an incubator for other cannabis startups. He an Floribeth also created a white label manufacturing company in order to share his skills and promote synergistic, multi-plant formulations within the cannabis industry.


Early on, Brent had realized the cannabis industry was missing something he valued - the synergy between herbs and cannabinoids. So, in 2013 He and Floribeth founded Herbanoids, a capsule brand focused on this synergy,  to address this missing element in the market. Brent wholeheartedly believes in the power of traditional botanical medicines, including psychoactive and psychedelic plant medicines, to promote enlightened homeostasis. 

Outside of his professional work in formulation and manufacturing, Brent explores other avenues of Prana as well. Inspired by Wim Hof's breathing exercises and extreme temperature practices, Brent found himself in the world of Breatharianism. He and Floribeth practice fasting, often choosing to harness Prana from the sun and the world around them rather than energy from food intake. Lately, he has been investigating the practice of mind-body-soul alignment through tantra. 

Between plant medicines, breatharianism, Brent has confidence that his work is promoting the fifth dimensional evolution, or conscious ascendance, of humankind. 

Brent now resides in South Park, Colorado with his wife, three daughters, and PRANIC the dog.

 Outside of work, Brent loves to spend time with his ladies, taking them on adventures in the Rocky mountains. Skiing, hot springs, and Ayahuasca ceremonies are a few of Brent’s favorite Pranahobbies.

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 Floribeth Beckman 

Floribeth is a Prana Seeker from Central America. ( Mayan roots ) 


Growing up in a big Latin Family,Flory used many Local plant Medicine and practices used by her Grandma and neighbors   She was also aware that many plants were treated differently, for a while, she accepted the stigmas of cannabis and other plants as a dangerous drugs, and during her first career as a Elementary grade teacher, handed out many anti-cannabis materials. Always having a passion for human rights and justice, Floribeth went  to law school, afterwards becoming a criminal investigator for her country's Criminal Supreme Court of Justice where she worked with many Judges in the process of sentencing & incarcerate people in jail for cannabis related crimes and more. Eventually, Flory grew curious as to what exactly made Cannabis and others Plants so bad. She began to open her mind to new ideas about the Botanical world and realize it was what nature intended as a Medicine. 

Flory is been marry to Prana Seekers co-founder Brent for 20 years and together they discover the healing power of herbs like CBD, Turmeric, Black seed oil, Medicinal Mushrooms and Lomatium, but was amazed to find the breadth of botanical and fungi medicines that have been documented as medicines for thousands of years- including Cannabis- Hemp. Deciding to understand for herself, she began to study and experienced its medical benefits first hand.

Flory was blown away and decided to dedicate her life to breaking the negative stigma of many amazing Super-Herbs.

Her passion for Herbalism brought Herbanoids into fruition and has inspired the multitudes of formulations designed for both Herbanoids and other cannabis brands' product through her private label manufacturing company, Picachozz and Herbanoids. She believes in the power of synergy between herbs and cannabinoids, advocating for whole plant extracts and multi-plant formulations. Floribeth has turned her passions into a reality and is devoted to helping other herbalist realize their dreams as well -"Because we all are our own Healers and Curanderos !" Flory believes that it is easy to stay healthy if only people had the knowledge & confidence to use Botanicals, Fungi & Microbes as a natural medicine. 

Flory  is passionate about the environment, especially the Central America (mayan) & South American (Amazon) forests that are home to so many of our plant allies. Realizing that without the knowledge we would not know how to use plants as medicine, Floribeth is an advocate for indigenous cultures.

She believes that these keepers of the earth deserve respect and gratitude for sharing with the world their medicinal practices and their deep understanding of our integration with Gaia, our earth. People who live with the earth, rather than on it, inspire Floribeth to be advocate for conservation efforts and indigenous rights. 

As a Mama-ganja-preneur, Floribeth values the mission of her work for the sake of creating a better world for her three amazing daughters. A world in which people know of and have access to plant medicine so they can take their health in their own hands and achieve Pranic Homeostasis. Outside of work, Floribeth loves to spend time with her family, travel, and dance. She also enjoys exploring the CO mountains with her dog,( Pranic). She loves to microdose  CBD with medicinal mushrooms and is obsessed with Medicinal Ancient Plants and ways of making Medicine.


 Danielle Gualtieri 

Danielle is a Prana Seeker from Chicagoland.

Growing up, Danielle thought she would be a doctor. She was fascinated with biology, especially with the cells of the body. However, she also fantasized about working somewhere amazing in nature, like a rainforest. She went to school for a BS in molecular biology before deciding that traditional medicine wasn't her future. Danielle was going to make medicine, yes, but she was going to make it out of plants.

Danielle began to study herbalism and became fascinated with the intersection of mind and body. It was amazing to her that she could control physical sensations with her thoughts- like slowing her heart rate to relax (something she was always needing to remind herself to do). She decided to pursue a degree in religious studies to investigate this connection further. During her time as a religious student, Danielle was exposed to a great array of beliefs, but there seemed to be a common thread - Love. This Divine and Eternal Love that Danielle studied is what we at Prana Seekers call Prana. To her, Prana is the energy one receives when engaging with spirit, whether that be prayer, yoga, ecstatic dancing, or something else. 

Knowing that Spirit is accessible and that everyone can relate to it differently, Danielle has made it her mission to enable other people to feel Prana this way. Outside of Prana Seekers, she works as a health and wellness coach to help people better connect to what personally gives them Life. 


Danielle loves yoga and practices yoga, prayer, and meditation regularly. These are her biggest sources of Prana besides the Colorado Mountains which are inspiring to look at and exhilarating to ski down! Outside of work, she enjoys practicing cirque arts and learning to cook new vegan meals and desserts (mostly desserts).

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It is our pleasure to be of assistance on your journey towards Prana. Our team is grateful to have the opportunity to share something that we hold so dear. Accessing Prana has impacted each of our lives in massive ways, improving our overall well-being, our daily moods and outlooks, and helping us to create meaningful work. 

We really believe in what we are preaching here and we hope it is of value to you. Thank you for joining us. 

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