We Aren't Alone

We are lucky to have so many mentors and teachers that are also paving the way for human conscious ascension. These incredible people come from all around the world and are working from a wide variety of fields. All for the same purpose - waking up us to our true potential. Monks, neuroscientists, and plant advocates are working hard to understand what we are doing here and how to move forward as a species. 

Take a look at some of our heroes.

Mushrooms on Stages
Therapy Session
Analyzing Scans
Yoga Class

Dennis McKenna


A pioneer in the research of psychedelic plant constituents.

Rick Doblin

Psychedelic Advocate

Founder and Executive Director of MAPS: Multidisciplinary Association for Psycadelic Studies.

Joe Dispenza


Explorer of consciousness and the power of the mind.

Mantak Chia

Taoist Master

Teacher of Tao healing for mind, body, and spirit