Welcome to Pranic Kids! 
Kids are so PRANIC. We want to share ways for kids to play with Prana too! It is a great way for children to improve well-being, increase self-efficacy, and develop life-long skills of connecting to Spirit and feeling happy & healthy! 
Make Prana Seeking a journey for the whole family. Kids have a unique, special connection with Prana and they have a lot to teach us. Ask your kids what makes them feel happy and peaceful! Invite them to do yoga with you! Developing Prana skills at an early age promotes life long health and happiness.
Hey Parents!
Kids with Capes
What makes you happy? REALLY happy? Do you like hiking? Coloring? Going to the beach? The good feelings you get from doing whatever you love to do is what we call Prana. Prana is energy you get from doing things that make you SUPER happy! You could get Prana energy from hugging your mom or from running outside. Anything that makes you feel like a superhero- a pranahero! 
Hey Kids!

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Child in Air Yoga