Prana Spirituality

Prana is the Energy aligning our body, mind, and spirit. Spirit may be the most common way people connect to Prana through organized (and unorganized) religious practice. You may know recognize Pranic energy as the lightness you feel after engaging in prayer, looking at the full moon, or walking out of a church service. 

At Prana Seekers, we hope to provide resources to help you connect your individual spirit more fully to Prana. 

The Chakras

We are beginning Prana Spirituality with some information about the Chakras because the Chakras are the avenue through which Prana travels inside of you. When we talk about aligning with Prana, we are discussing your internal energy flow traveling freely up and down all Chakras. If you have ever heard of someone having an energy "block", they are saying that their pranic energy flow is getting stopped at some point along the journey and they may choose to engage with that particular chakra point in order to unblock, or realign themselves. 

Meditation & Prayer

Meditation and Prayer are marvelous ways to align yourself in Prana. While Prana is accessible through adventuring in our world Gaia, it is also accessible through your own body and mind. After all, you are a part of Gaia, and experiencing yourself is experiencing Her. 

Meditating does not have to have a particular structure, but it does help to enter a meditative state with a specific intention. An intention can be as simple as "Peace". To begin your own meditative practice, we reccommend sitting still, in a quiet place, and letting thoughts and sounds pass without evaluation. Do this for five minutes every day for a week and take notice of any differences in your moods and feelings throughout the day. Each practice is unique as each person is unique and there isn't a wrong way to meditate. So have fun with it! And let us know how it goes.  

Yoga Practice