Prana & the Brain

Engaging with Prana, the Universal Life Force, is an amazing and energizing way to take your health into your own hands. 

Today, scientific advancements have made studying the inner workings of the brain possible. By combining modern biotechnology with traditional medicinal knowledge, we can walk towards our health with eyes wide open. For example, we know what neurotransmitters are released when we engage with Prana. We can "hack" our own neurobiology and engineer thought patterns to more fully engage with Prana and create the life we want. 


The idea that thoughts become things has not only been preached by spiritual leaders for centuries, but has become  its own field of interest. The Law of Attraction introduced by Abraham Hicks describes the metaphysics of this phenomena and it has further been studied under the name Appreciative Inquiry by psychologists working in organizational behavior.

For more information on the power of the mind, you can visit Dr. Joe Dispenza's website where he works to actualize the greatness of human potential.

Prana & the Body

At Prana Seekers, we view our bodies as precious gifts. They enable us to experience the beauties of the world through sensation and allow us to express love to our families.

Aligning the body in Prana is energizing. Here's a quick breathing exercise you can do to see for yourself, it is something that people in high stress environments, like soldiers, are taught. Close your left nostril with your thumb and breathe in for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds, then close your right nostril and breathe out your left for 5 seconds. Hold another 5 seconds and repeat. Do this a few times and you are sure to feel calmer. 

Breathing exercises, yoga, fasting, and tai chi are just some of the many ways to align your body with Prana. If you can do this regularly, we are confident that you will feel more energized and experience richer physical sensations. 

Our bodies connect us to our experience in this world to our Spirit (or God or Soul or Prana). It is important to treat them with compassion and gratitude.

Prana & the Earth

Our Earth's health is essential to our health. That is why we at Prana Seekers are devoted to living sustainably with our Earth rather than on our Earth. We support the indigenous keepers of our most precious resources- rainforests- and engage in conservation efforts. The Earth, or our mother Gaia, is all we have in this universe. We must treat her with the respect, care, and gentleness she deserves. 


We love rainforests not only because they are beautiful and provide unparalleled access to pranic energy but also because they are the source of our precious plant medicines. You see, we evolved with the earth, growing as a species and integrating with nature. We are meant to use plants to nourish ourselves and stay health.

Now, if you have ever been in a rainforest or on top of a mountain we are sure you have felt Prana. It is both exhilarating and pacifying. Both putting into perspective the grandeur of our world and the your own integral part. If there is some place that was just so full of Prana you could explode, tell us about it! We ask you to share what brings you Prana so we can all align individually and ascend together. 



Hacking Happy

We have beautiful little happy molecules in our brain that are always waiting and ready to elevate you. Time to set them free.

Get your daily DOSE  Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin &  Endorphins

Motivation and Reward


Laughing Yoga

Serotonin the serene feeling after laying in the sun or finishing a deep meditation is the work of serotonin. This molecule rewards us with peace and calm when we do things to take care of our mind and body. To increase your serotonin go for a run, do some yoga, or just breathe deeply.

Endorphins Ever heard "Laughter is the best medicine?" Yeah, we thought so. With happy minds, we can increase endorphin flow and decreases our pain levels. Endorphins flow freely when we find peace and joy. Some endorphin boosting activities are laughing, eating chocolate, or smelling  flowers.

Holding Hands

Dopamine is released when we are in the flow, doing something you love, or doing something good for yourself. Your body loves when you exercise and your mind is grateful for acts of self care. When we listen to music, practice gratitude, celebrate small wins, and finish tasks dopamine tells us we are doing something right with a burst of contentment and satisfaction. 

Oxytocin  is our cuddle hormone. It is responsible for the warm fuzzy feeling we get when we hug our family, play fetch with Fido, and serve our community. Doing something as easy as  sending a card boosts our mood thanks to oxytocin.

Outdoor Meditation
Girls with Cucumber Facial